Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cheap and Cheerful lip crayon!

I am a massive fan of beauty guru's Zoella and Tanya Burr as I am sure all of you will be too! Both of them are such talented and fashionable role models and I always tend to take note of their opinion of everything.. especially make-up! Recently both of them have been raving about the 'Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons' and I was eager to try them. Now as a 15 year old I don't have a lot of money and investing £8.99 on a lipstick which I'm not going to wear particularly often is kind of a lot of money so I am always eager to find a cheaper alternative which I did... in Primark.
 Now I have never purchased make-up from primark so I was a little wary and just went in with an open mind, and I was actually very pleasantly surprised. I picked up a 'moisturising lip gloss crayon'  for £1.50 and I actually, absolutely love it! It doesn't have an official name\colour but I'd describe it as a corally, orange. It is really moisturising and hydrates the lips, as it is a crayon it is super easy to apply, it's well pigmented and the colour is buildable, long-lasting - I have eaten and drank with this on, it did fade slightly but nothing shocking happened. Overall I am really impressed with this product and I am tempted to buy more, it is perfect for beauty on a budget!

Clothes Haul

So I went shopping....again! I had a little splurge but managed to find some bargains that will be great for summer and kind of fill the gaps in my wardrobe. I understand I've only just recently posted a haul however I found some good pieces in the sale that you may want to have at look at whilst they are still available!


Two items i purchased from Topshop were in the sale so I couldn't leave without them!

I was absolutely thrilled when I found this aztechy/monochrome dress camouflaged in the sale rack as it is the exact one I have been keeping my eye on for about 4 months now! As soon as I saw it I literally darted right towards it and couldn't believe my look when the remaining dress was actually in my size! So obviously I couldn't leave the shop without it and bought the dress for £15 which is less than half of its original price....I was soo so happy  and must have driven my friend mad as I wemt onand on about how pleased i was ahaha;)
The second item I got from Topshop was also less then half price. I have always vowed to never ever own a geek/dork top however all I can say now is that I have broken that vow as it was only £5 and I have realised I can never say no to a bargain. It will come in super handy though when I'm on holiday particularly when  my shoulders are going a little pink soooo...

I also bought some highwaisted Topshop Joni Jeggings which are the most comfortable things ever. They go with next to everything and are my new favourite things!

New Look

From New Look I bought a darkish denim skater skirt which has come in really handy on these scorching hot days England is having at the moment!

I also got these really pretty flip flops with little diamanté crystals and cream rose decoration. They are really comfy once worn in a little (the little bit that goes between your toes was a little uncomfortable at first but now I've worn it in I have no problem with it at all!)  they go with everything and will be perfect for my holiday!


These are the coolest pyjama bottom/leggings I have ever owned! I love primark so much as they have little treasures like these for a fiver!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I love summer!

I'm not too sure what has happened to England but the weather has been gorgeous recently! I've been enjoying just sitting in the garden and enjoying the warm (even boiling) weather we've been receiving. The sun just makes everything seem so much better and everyone seems so much happier and content which is lovely to see! I hope this beautiful weather stays!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Collective Highstreet Haul!

Sorry I haven't been very active on my blog recently I have been preparing for my gcse's and I am beyond stressed! I don't know why but I feel my biggest critique is myself and I am the one piling the pressure on myself which makes things slightly harder but anyway...I recently went shopping to try and relieve myself from the stress of revision and exams. Please don't think I'm showing off what I bought because i am truly not, I just thought I would share with you all what I bought. I got a few bargains and used my debit card for the first time which was exciting!

I did quite well in Primark and managed to get a couple of things that I really liked and what was even better is that all the things I got only came to a total of £30 which, yes it is a lot but compared to if i bought a few items from Urban Outfitters etc  the totals not bad at all!

The first thing I picked up was this pretty polka dot blouse which was an absolute bargain at £12! This is why I love Primark!! I had previously been tempted to buy a similar style blouse/shirt from my beloved Topshop although it was gorgeous, but a bit over my price range at around £40, so you can imagine my delight at finding this little beauty!

The next thing I bought is an oversized t-shirt which is something I really needed to complete my wardrobe although I can't lie and say I am a massive fan of The Ramones (sorry!!!) but I loved the colour and style-it was just what I was looking for!

I also bought these black studded pumps as I realised the shoes I already own are not particularly versatile!
 I am wanting to try these little clips as my hair is getting quite thick and sometimes kirby grips just aren't enough. Also this weird looking comb/brush type thing drew me in after seeing a more pricier version in Boots. I thought I'd give the cheaper version a go before splurging in boots!
I also purchased some angelica nail vanishes which are priced at £2.50 each at the end of the till!! I was gutted and thought they didn't have any until I found the after I had paid! Typical... Anyway i couldn't leave without them and entered the mile long que again to buy them! I will do a little review on them soon. I got the colours peppermint (greenly one) and bluebell (purple one)- both are such pretty colours.
I only had a quick browse in New Look as I knew what I was looking for, I bought this floral clip for only £2.99!

I am obsessed over Topshop and love almost everything in there and would have no problem going mental and spending thousands but in the real world it's a little pricey but I couldn't leave with nothing so I bought a couple more pairs of socks as they're ridiculously cute!

Finally my absolute bargain from 'Shoe Zone' I know what you are thinking, 'why am I reading a post that's on about Shoe Zone' but I found a bloody great bargain in there! I haven't step foot in that shop since I was 12 after my grandma dragging me in and scarring me for life after spending hours looking for shoes, but I am so glad I made a brave return! As i found these little pixie boot type shoes for £16.99! I know it's into the summer months now but living in Britain you do have to be prepared for all types of weather throughout the year!

Thankyou for reading! Lots of love❤

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review: Sleek Face Form - Light

Face Form - Light

I do not live near a Sleek counter unfortunately so I purchased 'Sleek face Form' online, I prefer to buy make-up straight from boots or superdrug so I know exactly what I am getting. However I gambled and and spent £9.99 on the kit from amazon which arrived very quickly and more importantly was free p&p which is why I chose to buy it from amazon and not the official sleek website. The face form kit comes in three different shades, dark, medium and light. I bought the light as I am very fair skinned.

I was very impressed when the kit arrived as it came in a little cardboard box which had a nice design and basically said what it was. On the back of the box it included very brief instructions on how to apply the kit. I was a little dissapointed as I was expecting  more detailed instructions after reading other reviews that said that they got a detailed leaflet o how to apply the kit. However I soon found a wonderful tutorial by Tanya Burr which told me all I needed to know! I found it quite hard to open the box and chipped my nail varnish doing so, but I think that was down to the excitement of wanting to open it!

The actual packaging is very elegant and easy to open!! It has a little mirror inside of the box making the kit ideal for touch ups on the go, it also has three equal compartments of the blusher, highlighter and bronzer. On the back of the box it has the ingredients, amount (20g) and the colour, fair 372.

Blusher -The colour of the blush is such a pretty colour, it is really well pigmented and really brightens up my fair complexion It has a gold shimer but it is not too strong, I think that the name of the colour is 'rose gold'. It is not a matte blusher so if you're not too keen on using non matte blushers then Face Contour Kit which is the same kit excluding the blusher, which may be a better option for you. Although it does work out cheaper to buy the Face Form kit, as the other kit is £6.49 and a sleek blusher is priced at £4.49.

Bronzer - The bronzer is completely matte which is great! It is such a lovely, natural tone although there is a quite a bit of blending required to get it completely natural looking. Overall though, it is deffinatley the best bronzer I own!

Highlighter - The highlighter is an absoloutley gorgeous colour! It is very soft and compliments the cheekbones really well. The highlighter is not completely matte again, it has a touch of silver in it but is so pretty!

My only negative note about the Face Form Kit is that it is a little messy as the powder flies everywhere but apart from that it is fab! The kit is great for all occassions as it is buildable, I would also recommend this to anyone who has never really contoured before and wants to give it a go as it is super easy to use!

Bottom line- I will deffinately be buying this again!

Alphabet Tag!

I saw this tag on one of my most favourite blogs and thought it'd be fun to give it a try, plus I thought it would be a snazzy way for you lovely readers to get to know me a bit better as I havent really done anything like this..

A. Age - 15
B. Bed size - Double
C. Chore that you hate - Ironing
D. Dogs - I have a black lab called, Alfie who is the weirdest but most loveliest dog you will ever meet!
E. Essential start to your day - Checking my Instagram, Facebook and blog!
F. Favourite Clolour - Pastelly pinks and blues (is pastelly even a workd??)
G. Gold or Silver - I've always preferred silver up until quite recently, I have bought quite a few gold necklaces and I really love them!
H. Height -  About 5ft2 (I think!)
I. Instruments you play - I used to play the clarinet but got bored, then I attempted to teach myself the guitar so I could be like Ed Sheeran but I didn't get very far at all as I was very impatient!
J. Job title - Shop assistant? I work in a Toyshop which means occasionally dressing up as a bear or an elf!
K. Kids - I'd like 2 - one of each
L. Live - When  I'm older I'd love to live in Cornwall or Brighton - near the beach
M. Mothers Name - Helen
N. Nicknames - Kateena the Weena - my dad used to call me it when I was little and unfortunately for me, it has stuck haha
O. Overnight hospital stays - None, I don't even think I stayed in overnight when I was born
P. Pet Peeves - Heavy breathers, obviously I'm glad they are alive and breathing but it doesn't need to be so loud! I also hate loud eaters - drives me mental
Q. Quote from a movie - 'Now if you two don't mind Im going to bed before either one of you come up with another clever ideas to get us killed - or worse expelled'
'She needs to sort out her priorities' ( Hermionie and Ron, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone')
 R. Right or left handed - Right
S. Siblings - 17 year old brother
T. Time you wake up - On a school morning 7:00 and on the weekend about 8:30ish - I'm rubbish at lie ins
U. Underwear - Urmm??
V. Vegetable you hate - Mushrooms, eurghh
W. What makes you late - My hair and make-up as it never goes right
X. X-rays you've had - I have had one on my teeth
Y. Yummy food that you make - Pancakes and lemon drizzle cake, mmmm
Z. Zoo animal - Sloths!! I think a sloth is a zoo animal?? I want one so bad, they are the most snazziest animals ever. I spend too much time watching sloth videos on youtube!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Love Soap and Glory!

I recently had a little splurge on Soap and Glory so I thought do a quick post showing you a couple of my favourites!

Creamy Clarifying shower gel- £5.50 (smells amazing!)
Smoothing Body Cream- £10.50 (little pricey but i love it!)
Anti-bacterial hand gel- £2.50 (everyone must own one of these, it is by far my most used product at the moment!)
Mist you Madly- £6.50 (really soft and delicate scent!)