Saturday, May 18, 2013

Alphabet Tag!

I saw this tag on one of my most favourite blogs and thought it'd be fun to give it a try, plus I thought it would be a snazzy way for you lovely readers to get to know me a bit better as I havent really done anything like this..

A. Age - 15
B. Bed size - Double
C. Chore that you hate - Ironing
D. Dogs - I have a black lab called, Alfie who is the weirdest but most loveliest dog you will ever meet!
E. Essential start to your day - Checking my Instagram, Facebook and blog!
F. Favourite Clolour - Pastelly pinks and blues (is pastelly even a workd??)
G. Gold or Silver - I've always preferred silver up until quite recently, I have bought quite a few gold necklaces and I really love them!
H. Height -  About 5ft2 (I think!)
I. Instruments you play - I used to play the clarinet but got bored, then I attempted to teach myself the guitar so I could be like Ed Sheeran but I didn't get very far at all as I was very impatient!
J. Job title - Shop assistant? I work in a Toyshop which means occasionally dressing up as a bear or an elf!
K. Kids - I'd like 2 - one of each
L. Live - When  I'm older I'd love to live in Cornwall or Brighton - near the beach
M. Mothers Name - Helen
N. Nicknames - Kateena the Weena - my dad used to call me it when I was little and unfortunately for me, it has stuck haha
O. Overnight hospital stays - None, I don't even think I stayed in overnight when I was born
P. Pet Peeves - Heavy breathers, obviously I'm glad they are alive and breathing but it doesn't need to be so loud! I also hate loud eaters - drives me mental
Q. Quote from a movie - 'Now if you two don't mind Im going to bed before either one of you come up with another clever ideas to get us killed - or worse expelled'
'She needs to sort out her priorities' ( Hermionie and Ron, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone')
 R. Right or left handed - Right
S. Siblings - 17 year old brother
T. Time you wake up - On a school morning 7:00 and on the weekend about 8:30ish - I'm rubbish at lie ins
U. Underwear - Urmm??
V. Vegetable you hate - Mushrooms, eurghh
W. What makes you late - My hair and make-up as it never goes right
X. X-rays you've had - I have had one on my teeth
Y. Yummy food that you make - Pancakes and lemon drizzle cake, mmmm
Z. Zoo animal - Sloths!! I think a sloth is a zoo animal?? I want one so bad, they are the most snazziest animals ever. I spend too much time watching sloth videos on youtube!