Tuesday, April 30, 2013

D.I.Y Ombre

DIY ombre:  l'oreal Paris (for blonde to dark blonde)

 I would just like to say , i am not a professional  hair dresser, i am just writing about my own expierience from the product and what worked for me
I have used this kit before and I found it worked really well on my hair and I was happy with the results. It gave my hair a really nice summery and fun look and was so easy to apply! The warm weather today has inspired me to re-do it as my last attempt has faded. My only problem with the kit is that it did dry my hair out so this time I will have to remember to condition it well and daily. Make sure you are wearing old clothes whilst doing this or use old towels that you don't mind (or your mum) getting stained by the bleach. I stained my mums good towels last time I did it...
Step1: My hair is really naturally frizzy so I gave it a quick straighten -this isn't an ideal thing to do but I wanted to make sure I covered all the hair and gave it an even finish,  then i combed out any nots and cotters. 
(This is my hair before)

Step 2: I then mixed the solution, then parted my hair into two sections from the back. I then put on the gloves and squeezed the mixture over the brush until covered. I then applied it between my ear and chin level right down to the tips. I carried on doing this until both sides were fully covered.

Step 3: I left the dye on for 35 minutes then thoroughly rinsed the die off. I used the full bottle of conditioner although it is recommended to use half.

This is what it looks like now. I need to keep it really conditioned and try to use as little heat on it as possible(which will be hard considering I have mad hair) this is to keep it in good condition and avoid split ends.

Good luck to anyone who is wanting to try this, I think it's a perfect style for summer!